Frequently Answered Questions

How do I start a new annual subscription to MyDiet Manual for my facility? 

Identify the person to be the Admin for the MyDiet Manual account.  (Review the following questions for more info on the Admin role.)  The Admin will initiate the initial subscription for your facility by clicking on "Register Your Facility" on the top right of the Home page.  Follow the prompts.  The Admin will be asked to enter the facility’s Pcard to "Subscribe".  You can also email MyNutritionResources@IamMorrison.com with questions. 

Who should be the Admin for my facility’s MyDiet Manual subscription? 

Typically, your Nutrition Care Manager, Clinical Nutrition Manager, lead RDN, Food Service Director/Director of Dining Services, or other appropriate manager in your Food and Nutrition Services Department should be the Admin. 

As Admin, what is my responsibility/role? 

The Admin has the responsibility to pay the annual subscription using the facility’s Pcard.  They also create the General Facility User Name and Password that will be used by all who use this tool.  They upload facility specific diet addendums and update the “News” section that the general user will see when logging into the MyDiet Manual.

As General User, what do I have access to when I log into MyDiet Manual?

When the general user logs in, they have access to the Acute and Long Term Care diet manuals, with the ability to search a specific word or topic (search engine is a NEW FEATURE!!).  Additionally, the user can enter figures to determine a patient’s Percent Ideal Body Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and many other calculations.  The general user also has access to the Patient Education Materials.  When a RDN downloads one of the patient education documents to their computer, they now have the ability to add their contact information and facility logo to the document (NEW FEATURE!!).  

As Admin, how do I receive a receipt when activating or renewing the annual subscription?

The Admin will automatically receive a receipt which will be sent to the email address in their profile at time of purchase.  If not received, email MyNutritionResources@IamMorrison.com.

How many Admins can be assigned to each Facility’s account?

There can be only one Admin per account; however, an Admin can oversee multiple Facilities if needed.  This works well for System managers, etc.

How will I know my annual subscription is about to expire?

The Admin will receive a reminder email for renewal one month and two weeks in advance of the expiration date.

If our subscription expires, will we lose all the diet addendums and customization we’ve created in our account? 

No.  As soon as the subscription is paid, your account will be up and running immediately without interruption.

I am the Admin and will be changing roles/facilities.  How do I transfer my Admin role to my replacement?

(New Feature!!) Log into your Admin account.  After choosing your hospital, click on the blue button “Change Admin”.  On the next screen, the new Admin will set their email and password to complete this process.  Once complete, only the new Admin will be able to log in and access the facility’s account.  

The Admin on our MyDiet Manual account is no longer at our facility.  How do I change the Admin for our existing account?

Since the current Admin is unavailable, determine who the new Admin will be.  (Recommendations for who should be in this role are above.)  The new Admin will click on "Register Your Facility" on the top right of the Home page.  Follow the prompts.  (Stop when you are asked to enter a SAP, because your account already exists.)  Finally, email MyNutritionResources@IamMorrison.com with your SAP/Facility Name and request to switch out the Admin.  Support will respond with confirmation that the request has been filled.

A NEW FEATURE for the diet manual section is that I now have the ability to search a word/topic.  Once the application locates the section or page with my word/topic, how do I locate it on the actual page/section?

On your computer keyboard, click on Control F.  A search field will pop up on the top left or right of your screen, depending on your browser.  Type the word/topic in this pop up box and your word/topic will be highlighted on the page and throughout the section.

What file type is accepted when uploading the Facility Specific Diet Addendums?

docx, doc, and pdf files