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Our mission is to provide you ease of access to pertinent diet information that is both easy to navigate and current with today’s growing nutrition evidence. You will find that MyDiet Manual is provided to you in two parts. 
  • The first part is reserved for the facility specific diets.
    This is a listing of each menu served at the facility with a short description, the patient/resident who should receive it, a sample menu and short nutrition analysis. This section serves to provide anyone who encounters a menu question at any time to receive quick and easy to understand information about the diet. This increases patient/resident safety, as the need for searching for a nutrition professional at off hours should never delay immediate food and menu related questions or servings to the patient/resident.
  • The second part contains the Nutrition Manual Across The Continuum Of Care (Acute and Long Term Care now combined in one Manual).
    This has very detailed research and evidence based information about specific disease conditions and how to manage them nutritionally. Each disease specific section is developed by professionals in the field who work with research and evidence based nutrition information as a career. Additionally, each chapter is reviewed by internal clinical dietitians who work, and may be part of, research and publications in the specific nutrition and disease area they review.

To submit feedback or to receive support for MyDiet Manual, email MyNutritionResources@IamMorrison.com.


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